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Let’s talk about wax.

It has been used to shape my eyebrows and strip the hair on my legs. I also love the glow of a Birthday candle or one that makes my house smell like someone’s baking in my kitchen. And if you want to enhance and embrace the one you’re with; candle light can ignite!

More wax

I am paralyzed from the chest down, leaving me very sedentary. Before I left rehabilitation, my doctor wanted to look at my ears. He stuck a small exact-to knife looking piece of metal strait in my ear. Then he pulled it out and on it was what looked like a tablespoon of nasty yellow looking gunk. Is that TMI? Sorry, but it is the truth.

I had both ears cleaned out and my gosh, it felt wonderful. I could hear better and my ears no longer “itched” like they had been.

I try to get my ears cleaned twice a year. You can clean them two ways; candling or a nurse visit and I have done both. Candling requires the help of another person. It consists of lying on your side, and a hollowed-out beeswax candle is gently inserted into the ear canal. Check it out on You Tube.

At the doctor’s office, they pour half a cap of hydrogen peroxide in each ear and seal it with a cotton ball (not my favorite part). You then sit for 8-10 minutes and hear it crackling and loosening the dry hard wax. The nurse comes in, sprays a small stream of warm water in the ear and then the nasty wax trickles out and into a container below you ear.

I recommend regularly cleaning your ears out if you are a sitting individual, aging or not up and around as much as you used to be. I wish I would have known this when my mother was alive. It might have the volume on the TV down!

I rolled into a spa to try out having my legs waxed. The esthetician walked into with her warmed wax and said in the sweetest voice, “This may hurt a bit.”

Then Steve laughed when I said, “No, it won’t!” She went on with her work and my legs were done in half the time. However, this procedure is expensive and I went home with stray hairs she missed. But I have since then found a razor with moisturizing soap around the blades. This makes it easy (and less expensive) for my caregivers to shave me with.

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