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August 2002

Magic Hands
Katie Banister

Melt my mind
Soothe my soul.
With moving hands
My aches you stole.

Come by relief
Of day’s events.
Yes, time it takes
But time well spent.

A luxury
To some it’s true.
But find a way
To do this too.

Not all the time
But a regular date.
Your muscles need
To be awake.

Tension won’t you
Go away?
Massaging hands
Won’t let you stay!

A magician visits me on a regular basis. OK, she’s not a magician, she’s a massage therapist. But if you ask me, she’s both!

Being touched by another human being is so important. What is the first thing a parent wants to do after their child is born or adopted? Hold the person who has just entered their world! Now, I know there are exceptions and that there are many children and adults who haven’t been given love in their lives or have been touched in a loving way. My hope is that when you meet and get to know these individuals, you will give them a hug.

If you have never had a massage – get one! Yes, getting a good massage is usually a dollar a minute, but it is worth so much more! A massage helps me and my body in many ways; blood circulation, skin rejuvenation, relieves tension, helps me with muscle spasms, moves the paralyzed parts of my body and melts my mind, telling me to not think but simply feel.

A person with a disability needs to take care of their body. Treat yourself and allow yourselves to feel good. Now, there are good and bad masseuses. Ask questions. Ask about their training, if they have ever worked with people with disabilities before or how long have they been in business. Also, while giving a massage, a good masseuse listens to the verbal requests of their client as well as the physical cues they are receiving from the body they are working on. They "feel" their client’s responses. There is nothing worse than investing time and money in someone whose duty is to make you feel good and you’re left with the feeling of ,"That sucked!"

So let me recommend Bethany. She received her training and certification in Colorado. They are quite progressive out there. She knows what she’s doing and is very excited about working with other people with disabilities. We’ve been together for quite some time. You can reach her at 314-853-6432. If she can’t help you, she probably knows someone who can. Or try the local health food store. They usually have bulletin boards where massage therapists advertise. Bethany says, "A massage should be given by someone who is enthusiastic about giving you a massage and should be done by a person you want to welcome into your life." Sounds like good advice to me.

After a massage, my body that is paralyzed from the chest down is at physical peace. There isn’t a magic wand, but the human touch makes my aches disappear.

Katie Rodriguez Banister works with audiences to embrace diversity
through motivational speaking and disability education.

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